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With the most innovative solution
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With the most innovative solution for player and team analysis.
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State-of-the-art analytics. In-depth data.
Great design.

State-of-the-art analytics.
In-depth data.
Great design.

Football Analytics Player Statistics

Innovative player ratings with matchmetrics' Effective Play Indicators (EPI)

SCOUTPANEL calculates our Effective Play Indicators (EPI) for each player from thousands of positional event data points, using big data algorithms and machine learning. The EPIs profile the specific strengths and weaknesses of a player on the pitch and also consider the importance of these qualities for a successful result. Their significance goes far beyond conventional metrics.

Worldwide or national scouting at every single level

SCOUTPANEL provides access to EPI profiles and standard statistics for more than 130,000 players worldwide in more than 5,000 teams in almost 500 competitions.A lot of amateur and youth competitions are covered as well. No matter which scouting strategy you choose, SCOUTPANEL supports you in managing all challenges.
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Simple and intuitive working. Anywhere

SCOUTPANEL makes it easy for you. Work with the most user-friendly scouting solution on the market. In 2018, SCOUTPANEL won the German Design Award for the best app design. Enjoy scouting anytime, anywhere, on any device – desktop, smartphone or tablet.
Sven Mislintat Picture
Sven Mislintat
The “Diamond Eye” — Sporting Director at VfB Stuttgart, former Head of Recruitment at Arsenal FC and Headscout / Director for professional Football at Borussia Dortmund
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VfB Stuttgart
"SCOUTPANEL is my constant assistant in the daily transfer business - whether at Borussia Dortmund, FC Arsenal or now in Stuttgart. With SCOUTPANEL, I can combine my own assessments effectively with objective statistics and performance indicators to identify talents and key players at an early stage."
Krasimir Balakov
Head Coach
Bulgarian National Squad
"The guys at matchmetrics are impressively changing the game of player and team assessment with their data-driven tools, particularly SCOUTPANEL, but also Matchcap and Scoutpad. As a smaller football nation with fewer resources than the top teams in Europe, we have to rely on the highest possible data quality and the latest state of performance analytics. And matchmetrics is providing us with both."
Samir Arabi
Managing Director Sport
DSC Arminia Bielefeld
"SCOUTPANEL supports us in our daily scouting work. Above all, it helps us with internal decision-making processes before a player commitment by adding a purely data-based, objective perspective, which can be decisive for the final judgment."
Jay Lefevre
First Team Video Scout
Arsenal Football Club
"SCOUTPANEL supports us in our daily scouting work, allowing us to identify and structure how we scout players in an efficient manner. Above all, it helps us within the decision making process by allowing us to inform internal stakeholders when making player recommendations by adding a purely databased and objective perspective, which can be decisive in the final stages."

Your benefits


Save time and money

Don't lose time with live and video scouting beyond what is truly required. SCOUTPANEL provides you in a short period of time with a list of suitable players and transfer candidates that you should take a closer look at.

Optimize internal decision-making processes

With SCOUTPANEL, objective data-based player ratings can be ideally combined with subjective assessments by professional scouts and analysts. Improve your internal decision-making process. Better decisions, better transfers.

Improve your match and opponent analysis

SCOUTPANEL allows you to analyze players, teams and individual matches in detail on a technical and tactical level, all based on EPI and in a fraction of the time this would usually take.


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